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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  April 6, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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praying for a miracle. more than two dozen miners killed in the deadliest coal mining incident in decades. >> we're tough people here in
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virginia, we'll make it. >> tonight, the effort to rescue the miners. the pain of the last 22 hours drags on for a tiny town in west virginia. 24 miners are dead, four are still misses after an explosion in a mine. tonight, the town hangs on to hope hoping the miners will survive. >> reporter: the people of the town are praying for a miracle. >> we join together, that's what we do. >> reporter: in these hills, two drills operating side by side are boring down 1100 feet to ventilate toxic gases. so rescuers can go back inside the upper big branch mine where four workers are still missing. >> we cannot do anything more at this time, we cannot enter the mines without putting people at risk. >> reporter: the town is already grieving the loss of 25
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miners who died in the massive underground explosion monday afternoon. it's the worse mining accident in the u.s. since 1984. >> i'm just really sad. my brother is gone. >> reporter: many families are still holding on to hope their loved ones could be among the missing and possibly still alive. so far, mine operators have not identified 14 of the mean killed in the blast. some are asking whether this tragedy could have been prevented. the safety record of mine owner masey energy company are riddling. racking up nearly $900,000 in penalty fines. >> we've worked hard with the federal agencies and the state agencies to make all of our mines safe. >> reporter: it will be early wednesday afternoon before rescue teams know whether it's safe to go back into the mine to search for the missing
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workers. in west virginia, katherine brown, wjz news. new tonight a quick trip across the street for gas turned deadly in baltimore county. police say around 7:00 p.m. a driver near the intersection of u.s. 40 realized he was running out of gas and pulled over. he went across the street to get some fuel and was struck and killed by a bus. the driver stayed at the scene. a dog pummeled by rocks, torture believed to have been carried out by teens. someone who tried to step in ended up getting attacked too, kai jackson has the story. >> reporter: the dog is here now safe recovering but the people responsible are still free. her name is christie, she's a beautiful golden brown pit bull. and pretty spritely at that. sadly, cuts, scratches and
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abrasions cover her head and face. a man brought her to the rescue center on easter saying she saw kids abusing her. >> when she came in, she was very swollen. she had cuts on her face, ears, on top of her head. her eyes are still swollen some. they were swollen shut. >> reporter: the staff estimates the dog is about one year old. the man who found her said christie was tied to a poll in northwest baltimore. near martin luther king jr. elementary. the man told bart the kids were pummeling the dog with bricks and rocks. >> he went over to intervene. when he did, they started throwing bricks and rocks to him. but he was able to get the dog out of the situation. he took it back to his apartment and the apartment manager was able to call b.a.r. c. >> if that gentleman had not
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interfered, she would not be here with us today. >> reporter: last year, a pit bull was set on fire. this case is a painful reminder that the effort to stop animal abuse continues. >> this is going to remind people of phoenix, this is another example of the cruelty that can happen in our city. we really need to step up and try to stop this. >> reporter: christie the pit bull is on medication for her pain. barc says she will be available for adoption after she recovers. >> if you have any information about the abuse of this dog you are asked to call baltimore city police. headlines have been written about it. tv shows have been based on it. crime in baltimore, but tonight bet better news on the fight against crime as homicide numbers hit the lowest levels in years. not everyone is celebrating. >> reporter: police call
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homicide numbers encouraging. it's the lowest total since 1977 when 39 people were killed through march. >> it's not about arresting everybody in baltimore. it's about going after those people that commit violent crimes. in this case, it's gun offenders. >> reporter: bad guys with guns are still out here. in late march during just one weekend the city responded to eight shootings. >> family members of people who get injured by these guys, the words aren't harsh enough that i could say. i think they are idiots. >> reporter: among the victims, two officers and a pregnant woman and comcast worker williams was killed just feet away from his house. >> 6:30, i get a knock on my door from homicide telling me my son has been shot. >> reporter: another shooting happened here on the park heights community. activists say even though they are encouraged by the lower number, they worry budget cuts can ultimately cause a spike in violence. >> we're trying to get more police to deal with our community and here we are going
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to deal with a situation where you are going to cut 300? it's not going to happen. >> reporter: to close a $121 million deficit, the mayor's proposed budget will cut positions. jobs that many believe the city can't afford to lose. >> yes, the numbers are coming down. but we who live in the hood know that you know it's still stuff going on. >> reporter: the police department is working with the mayor to try to prevent any cuts. next week, she is working to prevent any cuts. tomorrow, eurlich will kick
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off his campaign. he insisted he remain the host of his own show, not a moderator. adds of tonight, o' malley will not appear. and wjz will be there to cover the event. new at 11:00, new controversy tonight over former mayor sheila dixon and visits to the hairdresser charged to the city. former mayor dixon billed the city nearly $700 during the last months in office. dixon did not return the sun's calls about the expenses. it's something we saw plenty of this winter, road salt. we needed it with all that snow we got. but tonight there are new questions about whether it actually is dangerous. new at 11:00, kelly mcpherson explains some worry it's bad for the environment and your
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health. kelly-- >> the state highway administration used more than 370,000-tons of salt just in the past few months. and now, some legislators are wondering if all of that salt is more harmful than helpful. >> exactly two months ago, we were dealing with record amounts of snow and ice. the plows are now getting a break, but salt is coming under attack for its effects on the environment and our health. >> corrosion of the road surfaces, we have a greater concern that the salt leaks into our drinks water system. >> did they find that it was leaking into the water system? >> there was some concern that that was happening. >> there are things that we use every day that we later learn are harmful to us ranging from
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asbestos to sacharin. >> reporter: dump trucks started unloading salty snow into the harbor. >> the harbor itself is salty already. that's not much of aconcern. there's a lot of fresh water, but i won't expect that the effects would not be any different than a summer thunderstorm. >> reporter: salt is not the only option to keep roads safe. the state highway administration uses a sugar beat molasses. but both are very expensive. sometimes double the cost of salt. >> it's still the most effective way of keeping the roads safe. until something is developed that is economically feasible as well as effective. we still have to rely on that. from this point it's up to the baltimore county council to put together a task force to debate the salt issue and also come up with better alternatives. kelly mcpherson, wjz news.
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>> you stop showing us pictures of snow already. state highway administration says that it spent $22 million on salt for the season. fans didn't let distance from celebrating, the espn zone tonight hosted a first pitch party. former players signed photographs, prizes were given out and one lucky fan won the chance to throw out the first lucky pitch at the april 13 game. mark will be highlights of the game in sports. and out at camden yards, the final touches of the renovation are being made for friday's home opener. the stands have new numbers, the concrete resurfaced. chairs get new cup holders and many of them even get padding. but if you'll be watching from the comfort of your own cushion, wjz and masn will bring you all the action as the o's take on the blue jays
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friday. stick around for the first pitch at 3:05. which airline is now adding a carry on bag fee and how much they are charging. remember him, little elian gonzalez. the boy is now a teenager, see his new photo released tonight. high altitude repair work on the seltzer clock. a brief warm -- a brief cool down tonight, when will it warm up again? i have the complete forecast coming up. ,,,,,, [upbeat whistling]
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it is 39 and clear in central maryland right now, the complete forewarn weather is coming up. fire fighters rush to mid- town manhattan this afternoon after the blast rattled people across the street and workers in time square. flames were seen shooting out of the manholes and bits of the street were damaged. three massachusetts teenagers pleaded not guilty today in a case of a 15-year- old who committed suicide after being bullied. the three are three of 15 being
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prosecuted. the threats and harassment began after she started dating a popular boy. two of the three are also charged with statutory rape. new pictures today of elian gonzalez. the boy who sparked controversy between the u.s. and cuba. cuba released the photos of the 16-year-old today. they show gonzalez at a young communist meeting. u.s. officials eventually ruled elian should return to cuba where he now lives. many airlines have fees for checked bags, now one is becoming the first to add a carry on fee. spirit airline will now be charging $45 each way for a carry on bag. the small airline says the charge will only apply for bags in in the overhead bin, not
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ones that fit under your seat. was it the suit of the century? well now you can be the judge. the tan armani suit, white shirt and gold tie o.j. simpson wore the day he was acquitted will soon be on display at the museum in washington, d.c. the smithsonian turned down the suit for its collection. well it was a century ago one of baltimore's beloved landmarks was first sent ticking. but now, not all the clocks at the landmark were working. >> 15 stories up with more than a story to go. an ability to work high up was needed after the clock face on the south side stopped ticking. >> since 2007, we did a couple of fixes which it looked like it was working but then it
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would stop. finally we just had the hands sit at 12:00. >> reporter: so the hands were taken off last month. >> took it apart about three weeks ago, we found that the interior. the shaft inside the building here was damaged. and so we took the drive shaft and the hands out and restored both. >> reporter: putting it back together meant wrestling the two hands back into place from outside the tower. a job that took muscle and finess. >> reporter: does your company have experience fixing clock towers? >> now we do. i think we are now experts. >> hundreds of years ago, they were able to make things that were so precise. today things are working well. >> i don't know if it'll be more accurate, but it'll make
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it easier for it to spin around. all the gears are locked together. it may be able to hold time a little better but we'll see. >> reporter: alex demetrius wjz. >> before you go setting your watch to the towers, it might take a few hours for everything to be set. and the omg burger is $34.95. a pound of fries is also put on the side. >> that's a lot of special sauce. >> it comes with a free bypass. i guess you can share it with 20 people maybe. it might be worth the deal. take a look at temperatures, it
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was warm today, yes. and it's still warm, unbelievably warm. humidity 34%, winds south southwest. holding steady, if you thought it was warm, it broke, actually it tied the record. 2010 and back in 1929 it was 90 degrees in the state. that was what we had today. the average high to put you back to reality is 61. the low so far 60. these are totally out of wack. the warmest temperature for today was 88. we even topped that. ocean city at 68, it cooled because of the water there.
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75 elkin. southerly southwesterly winds will keep us in the heat tomorrow. one more day, and really warm temperatures too. the boundary line between the really hot stuff and much cooler canadian area, showers and thunderstorms. to the west, it's cold enough for snow up in the rockies. as you can see, by the blue cover there. for us, we'll stay in the warm air. we'll stay in the warm air for one more day then on thursday, the front approaches from the west. it'll bring with it clouds and scattered showers and thundershower activity into thursday night. looks like now the front will get through the area quickly enough that friday afternoon clears out. it will cool down just in time for baseball with partly cloudy skies now friday afternoon. so warm air comes up the east coast through thursday. the front comes through with showers and thundershowers. cools down, dries out by friday afternoon. and chilly friday night back in the upper 30s by the way which is normal.
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south winds in the bay, 10 knots, bay temps around 58. another hot one sets at 7:36. tonight clear and mild. mid- to upper 60s downtown. we might not everyone get below 70 the way it is now. 83 scattered showers and thundershowers thursday and a little rain at night. down to 50. cleared up 61, 60, and 69. lots of sunshine for the weekend. looks very good. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'s start a
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the orioles had their bags packed. they get the 2010 campaign going on the road at tampa bay.
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first of 162 games. adam jones brought his own explosives. home run jones had three hits. starting pitcher millwood making his oriole debut. he works into the 6th inning and struck out five. he would leave with the o's leading the game 3-2. now it was still 3-2 when the new closer mike gonzalez is on to save it in the ninth. two runners on crawford with the line drive to left field. sean rodriguez and roddick will both score. you got it. that's a heartbreaking for the o's. championship night in women's college basketball. connecticut with a winning streak. now uconn scored just 12 points in the first half. that's the record for the
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fewest ever. they put the clamps on stanford in the second half turning on the offense for a run away victory in the end connecticut wins 53-47. it's the huskies 48th straight win. uconn seventh championship over all. the kings are the winners for the ncaa championship. butler coach brad stevens joins dave on the late show after the news. now dave is from indianapolis, butler is in indy, so they have a connection there. >> that's quite a story. >> that's quite a story. >> it's a ,,,,
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